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Aish Building

Aish HaTorah World Center under construction. Click here for details and updates.

The goal of Aish HaTorah is to ensure the survival of the Jewish people.
 The greatest problem facing the Jewish people is ignorance of our heritage. 
One cannot love what he does not know.  Aish HaTorah's forte is presenting
our heritage in a manner which attracts modern Jews and shows them the
relevance of Torah to their lives -- how to be happy, choose the right spouse,
make a marriage work, raise children with values and get more joy out of life.
Aish's popularity comes from its intellectual approach and emphasis on freewill.
We encourage our students to ask every question and then to use their own free
will to choose their own level of belief and observance.

Based in the Old City of Jerusalem overlooking the Western Wall, Aish
has branches in Toronto, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington,
Miami, Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis and Los Angeles in addition to
Great Britain, South America, Australia and the former Soviet Union.
Programs and seminars are given in 79 cities around the world on
six continents.  Aish provides educational programs to Federations,
Israeli Bonds, JNF and other major organizations. Support comes
from individuals, foundations and organizations.
Aish HaTorah is dedicated to ensuring the Jewish future. The Israeli
Government presented Aish HaTorah with the two building sites overlooking the Western Wall.


As one Israeli official explained why Aish HaTorah was chosen to receive these two prestigious locations, "Unless we get today's youth to identify with our heritage, who will make Aliyah, who will buy Israeli bonds, who will support the Federation drives? Aish HaTorah is doing the job!


 The Aish HaTorah Jerusalem Fund is the funding organization for the worldwide programs of Aish HaTorah. It also publishes the weekly email or fax: Shabbat Shalom Weekly, which gives insights into life, the Torah portion and personal growth. It is available at no cost by  subscribing here .